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One growing trend we’re seeing in the pool business is the rapidly rising popularity of tanning ledges.  This feature is for those wanting a more luxurious home swimming pool experience that can offer added functional and decorative style. Essentially, a tanning ledge is a shallow body of water in your pool where chairs can be placed for a luxurious “on the water” effect of tanning all while remaining high and dry above the water.

Reminiscent of children’s pools at water parks, tanning ledges are a great play area for smaller children where parents can sit and watch them. Varying depths in a home pool also adds a unique experience to you and your family that expands the variety of activities you can engage in.

Dallas Cool Pools recommends a popular combination of a tanning ledge with a bubbler. This can provide hours of fun for your small children and give your pool a fountain like appeal that’s decorative as well as a place for your family to swim or lay out.

The good news too is that it’s possible to add a tanning ledge to your current pool rather than starting from scratch with a brand new pool! Dallas Cool Pools can easily add a tanning ledge to any existing pool and can be made as large or as small as you like.


Also Dallas Cool Pools can add an umbrella holder and an umbrella to a tanning ledge provides a shady spot during the midday sun.

Get started with Dallas Cool Pools today with a free estimate on what you’re looking for in a pool remodeling, pool building, or your brand new tanning ledge!

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